Founders & Team

StartupMalaysia was founded by


A Serial Entrepreneur

Dash is the fire-starter of various initiatives, programs and events in the startup ecosystem in Malaysia.

He was instrumental in promoting the Malaysian startup ecosystem to more than 100 countries way back in 2008 as the Country Host of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)!

GEW is a global entrepreneurship initiative of the US based Entrepreneurship think-tank, The Kauffman Foundation.

He was also the only entrepreneurship ecosystem player to be invited to the first Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship (later renamed as Global Entrepreneurship Summit) hosted by President Barack Obama in 2010.

Dash was also the man behind other initiatives such as bringing the first Startup Weekend to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore in 2010 and the brains behind the Global Startup Youth (GSY) which for the first time brought more than 500 youth from 100 countries to Malaysia in 2013, as part of the GES in Malaysia.

For his efforts in the field of Entrepreneurship, the US Government awarded him the IVLP Fellowship on Entrepreneurship in 2010.

The Team.

The StartupMalaysia team comprises of a team of young people who are passionate about making a change. The team works closely with Dash and the senior Management of StartupMalaysia which is headed by Vani and Zuraidah.