Founders & Team

StartupMalaysia was founded by


Entrepreneur. Evangelist. Investor.

Dash is a serial entrepreneur and he sees himself as an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.

Educated both in Edinburgh Business School and Cambridge University where he obtained his credentials in Entrepreneurship, Dash’s passion is in helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch their ventures.

Dash understands it takes a lot of patience, knowledge and motivation to get a venture off the ground, but Dash’s goal is to help entrepreneurs get through the first phase – where entrepreneurs have learnt to build a solid venture solving customers’ real needs;

Dash has been a fire-starter in the startup ecosystem from the early 2000 – where he ran many business plan competitions to university students and youth;

In 2008, Dash was appointed Country Host for the Global Entrepreneurship Week, GEW, by the Kauffman Foundation. The Kauffman Foundation is a US based Foundation with a mission to advance entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in society;

In 2010, Dash was invited by the President of The United States, Barack Obama for the first ever Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Washington D.C.

In the same year Dash was awarded the prestigious IVLP Fellowship by the US State Department;

Dash was instrumental in bringing many global entrepreneurship programs to Malaysia some of which are : The Stanford University Innovation Challenge, The Startup Weekend, The Global CleanTech Competition and The University of Cambridge’s Biotech Bootcamp to name a few;

Dash also sits as a Global Jury Member for the Creative Business Cup – a global competition based in Denmark and has been MIT’s Innovator’s Under 35 Judges for the past 3 years;

Dash is currently the President of the Global Entrepreneurship Movement and a Founding member of the Allied for Startups – an European based Startup network;

When not working on startups, Dash’s passion is to read and to travel;

The Team.

The StartupMalaysia team comprises of a team of young people who are passionate about making a change. The team works closely with Dash and the senior Management of StartupMalaysia which is headed by Vani and Zuraidah.