Founders & Team

StartupMalaysia was founded by


Entrepreneur. Evangelist. Investor.

Dash is one of the earliest fire-starters in the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Malaysia and the South-East- Asian region.

Since the beginning of the year 2000, Dash has been involved in various capacities to help airlift the ecosystem in Malaysia and the region.

We was an early council member, then Honorary Secretary and eventually the President of the Technopreneur Association Of Malaysia, TeAM. TeAM was set up by a small group of tech entrepreneurs in the early 2000s to be the voice of technology entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

In 2008, he was appointed Country Host for the Global Entrepreneurship Week, GEW by the Kauffman Foundation. GEW with its 100 plus member countries aimed to inspire and promote entrepreneurial thinking around the globe. Dash was one of they key players in this movement and won the best country host award in 2010 for putting Malaysia in the map in entrepreneurship activities.

In 2010, Dash was invited by President Obama for the inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Washington D.C and subsequently awarded the first IVLP fellowship for Entrepreneurship by the US State Department.

In 2011 Dash launched his brainchild program, Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia which for the first time brought more than 17 startup icons from Silicon Valley to meet and mentor more than 1000 aspiring startup entrepreneurs in Malaysia!

Dash launched in 2011 to help airlift the ecosystem in Malaysia and the region and to help increase the number of findable startups.

In 2012, Dash presented a paper to the Prime Minister Of Malaysia on Leveraging Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth where he recommended to the honorable Prime Minister various initiatives to help the ecosystem quantum leap.

Since then Dash has worked closely with the MALAYSIAN Government and some private sector players in spearheading various programs to help achieve the above mission.

Some of the programs are :

D-Code which evolved to Coding@Schools program : teaching kids in schools how to code;

The 1Met program : Introducing youth to entrepreneurship

The Global Startup Youth - a program at the GES2013 in Malaysia : bringing 500 youth from 100 countries for a 3 day hackathon. This program has generated global interest in its impact and outreach.

Dash currently is the President of the Global Entrepreneurship Movement, (GEM) which was founded by the current Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia, Tan Sri Dr. Irwan Serigar Abdullah. The aim of GEM is to Democratize Entrepreneurship.

Dash also sits as a Global Jury Member for the Creative Business Cup – a global competition based in Denmark and has been MIT’s Innovator’s Under 35 Judges for the past 3 years;

Dash has recently been invited by President Obama for the launch of the Obama Foundation in Chicago and is one of its players in globalization of the Foundation.

Dash was educated at the Edinburg Business School and Cambridge University, UK.

The Team.

The StartupMalaysia team comprises of a team of young people who are passionate about making a change. The team works closely with Dash and the senior Management of StartupMalaysia which is headed by Vani and Zuraidah.